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China Coast 1937-1941: Jack, a Hong Kong taipan, and Ana, a Russian jazz singer, meet as strangers and part as lovers the night Shanghai burns and falls to the Japanese. Together they escape Shanghai, but in Hong Kong Ana vanishes. Besotted, Jack is determined to find her, but hides his anguish from his fiancée, Violet, a beautiful but conniving Hong Kong socialite who is in the midst of making lavish wedding plans. As the Japanese army advances toward Hong Kong, tragedy unfolds—revealing a hidden world of murder and gun running, where dreams come at a steep price.

Hong Kong 1997: Jardine Woo is a modern Chinese girl who makes a living jumping out of party cakes, but under her cheerful exterior lies a secret: her mother was a Jane Doe, struck dead on a Hong Kong street thirty years earlier with Jardine in her arms. Grown up now, she has no family, or so she thinks—until something extraordinary happens. An Englishman on his deathbed claims to know her, connecting her to a long hidden crime that occurred before she was born, intertwining past and present in a spellbinding saga where good and evil blur, and revenge justifies everything.


Riding The Tiger written by Milena Banks is a colonial saga of seduction, betrayal and war set in British Hong Kong—where good and evil merge in a nightmare of murder, lies and desperation.


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